20+ People Share The Most Problematic Moments On ‘Friends’

5. karinas4

The WORST part about friends is when Susan thinks that the baby (MADE BY ROSS AND CAROL) is “her baby, too” and that the baby’s last name should be “Wilick-Bunch” sans Geller. Like I get it, you’re a lesbian couple BUT this baby was made BEFORE you two were together. So irrational. Drives me crazy every time I watch “The One With the Sonogram at the End.”

4. bernriley82

They barely seem to work, yet can afford to live in NYC.

3. ericad48f5142cf

So many are problematic, but one I haven’t seen mentioned is the time Rachel tries to sleep with Ross when her dad has been sick and she’s feeling vulnerable, and then gets outright angry when he refuses. Yeah, getting turned down can hurt, but it’s his right not to have sex if he doesn’t want to, and she acts like he owed her. Pretty gross.

2. sabiwasabi99

Ross kissing Monica thinking it was his first kiss with Rachel. And Monica thinking her kiss with Ross was some random guy, and was her first kiss ever.

1. lucyh40c8bd245

Joey’s bag – he wants to wear the bag! Let him!