20+ People Share The Most Problematic Moments On ‘Friends’

16. colleenl4f99675c4

In the 68th friends episode, “The one with the chick and the duck,” Rachel hurts her rib before this fancy event so she asks Ross to help her get ready. She’s about to change into her dress and asks Ross to turn around because she doesn’t want him to see her naked. Ross doesn’t turn around because he says that he’s already seen her naked. Rachel explains that it’s different because they were together before. Ross says he can see her naked whenever he wants – he just has to close his eyes. He “imagines her naked” multiple times and it just made me feel super uncomfortable even watching the scene. I would feel sexually harassed if an ex-boyfriend said that to me. Just another reason to hate Ross.

15. m457a37b78

When Rachel gives up everything, her dream job that she has worked extremely hard for and misses out on a chance to improve her career massively just to get back with Ross. If he really loved her, then he would wait. Or, he would go to Paris with her. Don’t ask her to give up her dream.

14. khannaakuti

How that wonderful nanny couldn’t take care of Emma because he wasn’t ‘man’ enough according to Ross

13. victoriavalente

Okay so Joey dates Kathy, but then he also dates some other girl Casey at the same time. So clearly Joey couldn’t have been that into Kathy. Then when Chandler admits to Joey that he was in love with Kathy, Joey freaks out even though he was seeing another girl at the same time. Okay I get it, it’s the fact that Chandler betrayed his trust and kissed Kathy behind his back, but Joey just seemed unnecessarily angry at Chandler. And who could stay mad at Chandler?

12. shasse17

This is just a *glitch* on the show (yes there’s many). In the episode where Chandler eventually admits he hates dogs (not actually allergic to dogs) and Joey says “shouldn’t have told everyone that! It’s like Ross not liking ice cream! It’s too cold! (Lol) Buttttt… ROSS EATS ICE CREAM WITH HIS COLLEGE STUDENT GIRLFRIEND ELIZABETH (Still gross Ross)

11. jaclynk4d179d5ba

The season three finale is semi cringey to me just because of how Ross and Rachel treat Bonnie. Rachel basically tricks Bonnie into shaving her head again because she thinks it will better her own chances with Ross, which works because Ross is ~The Worst~. The only plus side to this scenario is that Bonnie loves her shaved head and rocks it!

10. kend4fe281761

Ross dating his 18 year old student is creepy and pathetic.

9. skh2456

Ross and Rachel’s initial break-up in season 3 is where the whole “we were on a break” thing comes from. However, in the initial break up episode where they have the all night conversation, Rachel is the one arguing they were on a break, not broken up. Ross at that time thought the break was a break-up, and that’s why he thought it was okay to sleep with other people. It’s always bothered me Ross started saying they were on a break for the rest of the show when he argued they were broken up during the night and Rachel said it was just a break.

8. Scs0220

The time Ross pretended to be a licenced masseuse because he thought Phoebe’s client was a hot girl! Beyond creepy, even for Ross.

7. pikachulover007

when rachel is failing at doing her makeup because she hurt her arm or something so she says she’ll sit next to “the transvestite”

6. myanmd698

Ross trying to kiss his cousin