This Heartwarming Note A Boy Wrote To His Teacher After Her Dog Died Will Make You Bawl

There are few things in this world that can bring me to tears. Actually, that’s a lie, who am I kidding–anytime I see a cute dog, a baby doing something amazing, or anything on Reddit, I usually bawl like a toddler who is teething. Recently, I was logging into Twitter, minding my own business, when I stumbled upon this adorable, sweet, and heartfelt note written by a young student to his teacher and immediately, I needed tissues. Twitter user @luciedunne_ shared photos of the note on her Twitter account, saying that her mother had recently been extremely distraught about having to put their dog down. But, she was surprised and probably happy to see how much her students really do care about her.

Mum’s been so upset about the dog being put to sleep and stressing about having to go back into school today, and she got this from a wee boy in her class

twitter: @luciedunne_
twitter: @luciedunne_
twitter: @luciedunne_

Clearly, Callum has some really good parents that have raised him in the best way possible. And, not to mention he’s smart enough to make this into a poem that spells out “CHARLIE.” Seriously, you have to be a cold, heartless human to not shed a tear or two over this sweet gesture. People on Twitter were incredibly moved by the student’s letter that they responded to Lucie’s post.


Written by Lex Gabrielle

A writer and teacher from New York City who fully supports messy buns and 3+ cups of coffee a day.