10+ Hilarious Valentine’s Day Gifts And Cards That Deserve Some Kind Of Award

Some people put a lot of pressure on themselves to get the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and card for their partner. Others decide that making a joke out of the pressure is the best way to go–and, to be honest, it always happens to be the most memorable. People on the Internet have been sharing their funniest gifts and cards from the Hallmark holiday and we’ve rounded up the absolute best.

1. I’m new to having an SO on Valentine’s Day… Am I doing this right?

2. Valentines day card from a student.

3. My friend makes greetings cards. I asked her to make me a Valentine for my GF to let her know exactly how I feel. She sent me this…

4. I bought my wife a dozen roses for valentine’s day, she was not impressed

5. Boyfriend and I got the same valentines day car for each other. The inside couldn’t be more different though.

6. Unbreakable love

7. My girlfriend is a microbiologist. She just sent me this valentine.

8. Found a pretty sweet Valentine’s Day card for the husband

9. Sister made this for her boyfriend. It’s a “bro”quet

10. Valentine gift from my dad