John Krasinski Talking About ‘The Office’ Reboot Is More Exciting Than Pretzel Day

If you aren’t a fan of the best show to ever be on television “The Office” I feel sorry for you, and you’re wrong also I’m not sure why you clicked this. For all of the sane people out there who consider themselves a part of the Dunder Mifflin family I know you’ve heard whispers that NBC is going to get the gang back together. All of these rumors are starting to hurt my heart because there’s talk that it’s a commercial with only a few of the original cast. If that’s the case, it would still be amazing, but it’s not even close to the reboot we’ve all been praying for since May 16, 2013.  Well, it looks like we have a little bit of hope behind these rumors after John Krasinski paid a visit The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the topic came up.

Since the NBC has had some success bringing back favorite shows like Will & Grace and Rosanne, it’s not hard to believe they’d bring back a show like The Office that remains insanely popular. Recently Krasinski appeared on Ellen to talk about A Quiet Place his newest movie with his wife Emily Blunt that he directed. Get you a Jim who can do both! While chatting away with the lovely Ellen after admitting nobody had contacted him, but he had heard rumors on the internet Ellen decided to ask if he would ever consider doing a reboot and Krasinski’s answer has fans of The Office everywhere hopefully optimistic.

“Oh my God, are you kidding I’d love to get that gang back together!”

So NBC about The Office reboot…

So if anyone at NBC is a fan of Ellen’s show I’m not sure what you’re waiting for? You heard the man and the majority of the cast have been open about wanting to do it! I don’t see why you wouldn’t put something together for The Office gang. Do we have to start one of those internet petitions? If so I will because we absolutely need this to happen. I’m rewatching the show again, and it’s still incredible, but I could use some new material. I find myself on YouTube searching for deleted scenes, and they don’t disappoint! You heard it from Jim now we just need to hunt down Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute and get this thing moving! As of now, there’s nothing in the works, but I know my fellow fans of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company will never give up hope!