30 Hilarious Wrong Number Texts That Will Make You Think Twice Before Hitting Send

$We’ve all been there when we’ve accidentally sent the infamous ‘wrong text.’ Sometimes it can be devastating, and you’ll pray to the gods for an undo button. Other times you send a text on purpose when you’re feeling a little confident and get shut down. In that instance, you can also use the ‘wrong text’ and just hope that they buy it. Most times sending a wrong text will result in nothing too special, but in a few situations, they result in pure comedy. When you get the perfect storm of accidentally sending a message to a troll the sky is the limit on what their response will be. These 30 hilarious wrong number texts are guaranteed to check your phone twice before you send our next text, and if you’re lucky next time you make a mistake, you’ll have someone half as funny as these people respond to you.











Written by Baillie Parry

Just your average girl from New York who loves her some Knicks basketball and city lights. Catch her laughing at memes endlessly and trying to find Mr. Right while on a date with Mr. Right Now.