50 Celebrity Facts That Will Completely Change The Way You Look At Your Favorite Stars

It’s strange to hear some of these stories or facts about celebrities because for some reason we feel like we know them. From watching all their movies or shows or even listening to their music we feel a connection to these people we’ve never met. That’s why it’s so surprising when we hear these relatively unknown facts about these people we look up to because it’s almost like they lied to us! Whether it’s their real name or a criminal past no matter what it is, I can’t help but feel misled, but I think the most interesting facts are the professions before they landed their first acting gig. Remember not everyone has their destiny mapped out, but these 50 secrets about celebrities will guarantee you never look at your favorite celebrities the same way!

1. Guy Fierei’s real name is Guy Ferry, and I don’t know how to feel.

2. Bryan Cranston was a suspect in a murder investigation.

3. Denzel Washington has dislocated his pinky so many times that it occasionally falls out of place when he moves his hand.