Police Asked The Internet To Identify A Thief And The Responses Are Hilarious

The internet is good for a couple things there’s no arguing that. Trolling and dragging people has to be very high on that list because as of today the internet is undefeated. When the police shared the suspect’s photo online it was only a matter of time until the trolls began to lurk. They first gave the public a little bit of backstory on what went down and in what area to keep their eyes peeled. This seemed to be a group heist for a few gaming consoles before they sped away in their Honda Civic. I guess these guys were some hardcore gamers.

Along with the information the police shared the also were able to get a pretty excellent shot of one of the alleged thieves. Like was there a cameraman following her? What kind of security system is this because everyone in the world needs it. Girls take 84862673 pictures before they get a picture this clear. Inevitably once the internet trolls caught wind of the sticky-fingered young lady all bets were off. Twitter and the rest of the internet stuck to its ruthless ways and absolutely roasted this chick. Honestly, she should be able to avoid sentencing after getting entirely owned by most of the internet.

The internet indeed is undefeated, and this is just another example. Also here’s a note for anyone going on a mission to steal anything. Don’t stare at the security cameras and maybe not wear a bright pink jacket. Avoid the most recognizable boots in the history of kicks. Due to the enormous roast session on Twitter the not so smooth criminal was identified and arrested. There’s nothing like a little justice being served! Now on top of her new legal issues, she has to deal with going viral for being a complete idiot. The Xbox and Ps4 just weren’t worth it trust me my girl, hopeful, y she’ll learn her lesson and stay out of trouble and away from being an internet joke.