31 Pictures That Prove The ‘Google Arts & Culture’ App Is Just Here To Roast Us All

If you haven’t been living under a rock I’m sure you’re aware of Google Arts & Culture app is taking the world by storm. The app has a feature titled “is your portrait in a museum” which allows the user to take a selfie and then the app checks through a database of museum paintings and finds your closest match. Or at least that was the goal, the app has it’s moments where they do a pretty good job at matching your face to a painting. Although, for the most part, I’m pretty sure Google is just trolling us with this entire app. Some of their matches are just too funny not to be a joke entirely. Here are 30 pictures that prove Google is no doubt just trying to roast all of us.

1. Pretty accurate if you ask me.

Guys, this app is DEAD ON.

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2. What are you trying to say Google?

3. Damn Google! Why’d you do him like that.