This Family Spent $250 On A ‘Professional’ Photoshoot And The Results Are Horrifying

In today’s world, it seems like almost everybody considers themselves some form of a professional photographer. Just because you had 77 likes on Instagram and threw a few filters together does NOT make you any type of professional anything. This story is about the Zaring family who was approached by a woman who identified herself as a very experienced “professional photographer.” Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as the photographer took them to a popular park in the St. Louis area. They agreed to a 250 dollar price, and they began to snap a few pictures.

I’m sure the family sensed something might have been wrong after over eight months of post-production work on the pictures. These are family photos, not a Michael Bay film. After 8-months of work on a few images, you’d expect some handpainted portraits or a mural of some sorts. That was NOT the case when it came to the Zaring families experience.

They received their $250 masterpieces after eight months, and the final results are pretty shocking. Dare I say even a bit scary. Probably not something they’re going to frame but certainly something that’ll bring some laughs. I mean, after waiting eight months for photos of this quality the only thing you can do is laugh.


The worst family pictures of all time.

Now, I don’t know the Zaring family, but they seem to be my kind of people. It would be entirely understandable to be upset or downright outraged that after eight months and 250 dollars you received this. Honestly, though what are you going to do?