11 Guys Reveal The Strange Ways They Found Out About Female Menstruation

4. Raghav:

I was probably in 7th. My sister and I used to share the same room, and sometimes I’d see her cleaning her bed. When I asked my mom about it, she said it was just mosquito blood. I wasn’t convinced, so I kept asking her, and she finally explained everything after I pestered her enough.

5. Saurav:

The way we were taught about it in school was very clinical. The reality of menstruation really hit when I was on a vacation with friends, and one of the girls in the group was on her period and in a lot of pain. I didn’t know about the pain part.

6. Joshua:

I learnt about it in class. But I didn’t know WTF the pad ads were about, and why people kept dropping “ink.” That was about the time I just started using a fountain pen at school, and fountain pens leak a lot of ink. I kept thinking, “whoa, that might be useful.”