11 Guys Reveal The Strange Ways They Found Out About Female Menstruation

There are few things more obnoxious and annoying that some macho dude who can’t handle any discussion, let alone a mention, of menstruation. You know, those guys who cover their ears and go “STOP!” if a woman uses even a euphemism like “period” or “that time of the month.” These are guys who will have a hissy fit if their wife, girlfriend, sister, or mother asks them to pick up pads or tampons at the store. They’re the worst, yes, but it’s kind of not their fault. Our society has so many hangups about the female body that boys aren’t told about the female reproductive system in health or sex ed classes at all. Schools still do that thing where they split up the boys and girls for a couple of days and tell the boys about testicular self-exams and condom use, and tell the girls about menstruation. This means that guys mostly get an incomplete picture of what women and girls go through each month, picking up a little information along the way. Some dudes recently revealed how they found out about periods.

1. Abhijeet:

I understood it probably when I was in 11th or 12th. It was always treated as a taboo in school, and the guys were mostly shielded from this information.

2. Rishi:

I must have been in 6th or 7th, and I lived in a co-ed hostel. One of my female friends bought a pack of sanitary pads, so I asked her what they were. She then explained menstruation to me.

3. Ishaan:

There were times when I saw sanitary pads in the trash bin…I honestly thought they were cottons to clean your face!