Wife Who Died Of Cancer Plays Prank On Her Husband And It’s Taken Him Years To Catch On

As always let me start this off by saying cancer SUCKS! It’s the worst doesn’t matter race, religion, or political party that’s something we can all agree on. It’s something that has affected nearly every single person you’ll ever meet in some way or another. This story is about a mother who passed away of cancer, sadly. Before she passed she decided to play one final prank on her husband. It’s taken years for him to catch on. The story was shared with us through a tweet the woman’s daughter shared. Antonia Nicol is a firefighter in London, and her parents were living in Johannesburg, South Africa when her mother passed away in 2013 from cancer.

Since the distance between the two places was so vast, it was difficult for Antonia to see her mother as her condition worsened. Her mother had been living with cancer for about five years before she passed away. Since her mother passed, she has been making more of an effort to visit her father and help him transition into a nursing home.

“When she died, I was on the plane on my way over, so I never got the chance to say goodbye, My dad stayed in the house as it was for a couple of years. He didn’t want to change anything.”

Antonia says one of the last things her mother demanded of her father was that he made sure to water the plants in the bathroom. They were “strict instructions from Antonia’s late mother and something her father kept up with “religiously.” Her father Nigel admits he’s proud that he’s kept up the routine and that the plants have been doing so well.