Everyone Is Convinced This Is The Moment Kris Jenner Finally Revealed Kylie Is Pregnant

On the most recent episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians on Sunday, there was a pretty sad/scary situation that went on between Kylie and a friend/employee. 15 minutes into the episode on Sunday, Kris Jenner was doing an interview with the crew when she received a phone call from Kylie freaking out. Apparently, one of her employees was trying to sneak photos of her. Kris, of course, being the momager of the year rushed off to speak to her daughter.  But–not before saying that a lot of people are trying to “exploit a certain situation.”

Some girl was taking pictures of pregnant Kylie and she did not like it ?

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First of all–it’s pretty obvious that Kylie’s been MIA from all of the publicity and family affairs (including the show) as of lately. As well, if Kris is being super protective (as she always is), it’s important to understand why. Clearly, Kylie has had friends take photos and videos of her for years–as we’ve seen all over social media. But, what’s changed? Fans are saying it’s obviously about her being pregnant, or she wouldn’t have been as mad. I mean, yeah, she probably would have been mad if an employee was taking photos of her–but, so mad to issue an arrest? I think not. The biggest red flag has to be the “certain situation.” Come on Kris, do better momma.

The devil works hard, Kris Jenner works harder–but Twitter, they slave over those clues.