This Art Exhibit About Rape Powerfully Answers The Question ‘What Were You Wearing?’

“By doing this we could hopefully reveal the myth that if we just avoid that outfit then we’ll never be harmed or that somehow we can eliminate sexual violence by simply changing our clothes.”

“When survivors come through, what we hear expressed often is validation because they’ll share with us: ‘This was my outfit. What’s hanging on this wall right now is what I was wearing,’ or ‘That’s my story. That story is just like what happened to me.'”

“It’s not the clothing that causes sexual violence, it’s the person who causes harm.”

“Being able to find that peace for survivors and that moment of awareness for communities is the real motivation behind the project.”

Clothing— or lack of it— never justifies rape. Nudity doesn’t justify rape! Being a celebrity doesn’t justify rape! Going on a date with a dude doesn’t justify rape, even if he paid! What a notion.