Comedian Shares A Yelp Review Accusing A Place Of ‘Sexism’ Over Sandals

The sort of people who leave Yelp reviews for Austin Power-themed bars are generally people who feel strongly about either Austin Powers or bars. That’s where you go to share your thoughts on an experience, good or bad, and anyone who want to go to a bar themed around the Austin Powers franchise must have opinions about it. The funny thing about Yelp is that a bad review often reveals more about you than it does about the thing being reviewed.

Comedian Emily Heller screenshot a review for this very specific Austin Powers-themed bar in Glendale that escalates pretty quickly. The writer is clearly pissed she and her male companion got turned away from the door. They were unhappy with the inconsistent shoe wear policy. I can see how that would be annoying, but the reviewer goes to some extreme places pretty fast. Would you equate being unable to go into a bar because of your shoes with the #MeToo movement? If so, you’re this demented Yelp reviewer.

The reviewer writes:

If I could give 0 stars I would. We came to Glendale from out of town and were excited to find a pop up bar in an up and coming location. When we arrived the music seemed great and from the door it seemed like a fun place to spend the night. When we tried to get in the two guys I was with were unable to go in because they were wearing sandals. Not because they were inebriated, not because they were unkempt, but because they were wearing footwear that is seen all throughout Southern California. Women are allowed to have sandals…men should be too. This was definitely a #metoo moment for men. I will never attempt to go to this establishment again and I hope patrons of this establishment can shed light on their sexist policies.

I have confirmed that the writer is a woman, or at least going by a woman’s name on Yelp. There’s a second review on the bar’s page, from the man who was so cruelly discriminated against:

He says:

No admission for men with sandals…totally cool if you’re a woman. I’d say more about the bar…but I didn’t make it past the fellow at the door. Strange dress code for mostly empty pop up bar in Glendale. Doorman’s advice to me, “if we didn’t allow women to wear flip flops, we’d be out of business.”  Helpful.

The two have starred each other’s reviews.

I hope it doesn’t need to be said that the #MeToo movement doesn’t extend to shoe rules in bars. And that these two weirdoes do deserve to be mocked:

Check the wardrobe policy before you travel all the way to Gendale, baby!