Comedian Shares Stories Of All The Times She Didn’t Encounter A Rapist

The investigation into sexual assault allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh have been really hard to watch. Dr. Christine Ford very bravely put herself out there to be questioned, gave her account clearly and consistently, and even backed it up with her scientific analysis of memory—because she is a DOCTOR. Meanwhile, Kavanaugh wept and talked about beer. Yet, it still seems like he may soon be given a life appointment to make decisions about the country, including the legality of abortion.

It’s very difficult to see someone so ill-informed, unprofessional, and accused of sexual assault rise to power. Difficult doesn’t cover it, actually. It’s rage-inducing. Survivors of sexual assault have been trying to flood social media with their stories, explaining why they didn’t come forward when it happened, just like Dr. Ford didn’t. They’re powerful stories, but also extremely upsetting. A comedian named Maura Quint, who also works as the director of Tax March, decided to flip the script on its head with some stories of her own:

Quint went through a bunch of times when she was in a position where someone could have taken advantage of her. They’re the kinds of scenarios that get deeply questioned when a woman is assaulted. She’s often blamed for drinking, for what she’s wearing, for where she was. Quint tried to show that the reason nothing happened to her, was because the men she was with were taught right form wrong. They weren’t rapists. They weren’t interested in hurting someone who was vulnerable. They took responsibility for themselves and did the right thing:

Sadly, Quint says she has been assaulted. But the big difference was that the men she was with were men who thought they had a right to do what they wanted to her:

Some women have joined in with stories of times they met men who took care of them in dicey situations:

And some men have chimed in to say how awful it is that women have had to think about these things:

It’s hard to know if someone you’re with is a decent human being or not. However, anytime someone says “boys will be boys” clearly doesn’t realize lots of boys know better than to assault someone.