It’s Time We Talk About This Obscene Mac And Cheese Drama On Facebook

There have been some mac and cheese recipes making absolute fools of themselves on Facebook lately, and it is something we need to finally address. It isn’t the first time mac and cheese has been disrespected, and it certainly won’t be the last, but it may be the worst. It all started with this Food Network video, which started out normal but soon took a turn towards the horrifying.

The chef begins the recipe with a nice roux-based sauce, adding a little Dijon for “an extra zing of flavor,” which, fine, whatever, it’s difficult to hate on Dijon even if it has no place in a mac and cheese recipe:

But then, seemingly out of nowhere, they hit us with the roasted squash and carrots and brussel sprouts:

First of all, nobody has ever said brussel sprouts smell fantastic so already we can’t believe anything this woman says. Second of all, Geoffrey Zakarian’s face pretty much sums it up:

As do these comments:

The attack on mac and cheese continued with this disturbing sheet-tray oven-baked mac and cheese:

Someone dumped uncooked pasta, cheese, and some other trash into a sheet tray and baked it into a rigid and dry yet oddly wiggly plate of “food.”

Why try and reinvent the wheel, you know?

If you thought it couldn’t get any worse, let me shatter your misguided optimism with these mac and cheese pancakes: