This Is How Many Calories You Burn In Your Favorite Sex Positions

4. Missionary:

Ole faithful burns ~60 calories in 30 minutes if you’re not really breaking a sweat. However if you get more aggressive about it, you can just about double that number (although, not to vanilla-sex-shame here, but who really likes aggressive missionary bottom for half an hour?)

5. Doggy Style:

Goin at it doggy style can burn about 110 calories in 40 minutes’ time, for the bottom in any case. The top probably burns more. Regardless of which you are, it’s a phenomenal workout on the triceps, shoulders, upper-back muscles, as well as your core.

6. Cowgirl/Revers Cowgirl:

Both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl strengthen your butt, inner thighs, and core because you constantly have them engaged in order to keep a steady and worthwhile rhythm. It also burns around 110 calories per every 35 minutes, which is basically a banana, which seems unfair?

7. Switching It Up:

If you have sex for 80 minutes and change positions often, you can burn about 280 calories. That’s the equivalent of 2 glasses of red wine, which you’d probably need to sustain you through an 80-minute sex session in the first place, so it sort of evens out in the end. Try standing-up sex to test your butt, thighs, and calves, or squat it out for the ultimate pleasure/pain combo.

In case you are thinking of switching your entire workout routine for sexercise (not recommended, but do you boo!) there is an actual calculator you can use to quantify your exact amount of calories burned. Thank you, Internet.