30 Details You Definitely Didn’t Catch In ‘The Last Jedi’ That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Even the most eagle-eyed, Star Wars obsessed fanatics are likely to have missed some of the details packed into The Last Jedi. The Star Wars universe is simply too vast and intricate to catch every single reference and easter egg, or to know the backstory of any given character comprehensively. Here are 30 details from The Last Jedi guaranteed to blow your mind.

1. Luke salvaged a part of his old X-wing to use as the door to his home on Ahch-To.

We see the remainder of his T-65 X-wing sunken below the water just off the shore of the island.

2. A metal plate on DJ’s hat reads “Don’t Join,” which is also the source of his nickname…and his life philosophy.

It’s all a machine, partner. Live free, don’t join.

3. Leia’s braid is called an “Alderaanian mourning braid.”

RIP Han Solo ???