Twitter Is Completely Divided Over Whether Or Not Kylo Ren Is Hot

In the big, bright world of Twitter, everyone has an opinion. Seriously, it’s one of the many reasons we love the social media platform to begin with–everyone has a say in 140 (or 280) characters or less. Essentially, it’s wonderful for us because it gives us a ton of places to find some brilliant content for articles (just like this! yay!). Recently, after everyone went to theaters to see the latest Star Wars film, there’s been a ton of debate over the movie entirely. First, half of the people who saw the movie think it absolutely sucked, and, the other half loved it. I, personally, enjoyed it thoroughly. I was also extremely emotional to see Carrie Fisher’s last Star Wars film ever. But, fans of the series thought it just wasn’t a “classic Star Wars film.”

But, there were those that loved The Last Jedi, like me.

But, on top of the “whether the movie was good or not,” debate, there’s another debate popping up all over Twitter that has to do more with an actor than the movie itself.