You Need To See This Face Swap Of Adam Driver And Keanu Reeves ASAP

Adam Driver and Keanu Reeves. Two perfect looking men, in my honest opinion, but two perfect looking men who look nothing alike. Driver is 34 years old and angular-faced. I imagine he has a big head. Reeves is 54 and still really really hot rides a motorcycle. That is irrelevant.

Really, my point is that this here is Adam Driver:

And this is Keanu Reeves:

Objectively, these two people look nothing alike. A side-by-side inspection reveals that like, maaaybe they look kind of alike, the facial hair and whatnot helps:

But look at this very professional side-by-side I put together of them without facial hair. They look nothing alike!!! Right??? RIGHT???

WRONG, apparently, as this tweet from comic book writer Mark Millar showed, when he tweeted a face swap of the two actors:

Granted, this is clearly not a full on face swap and seems to be more of a Photoshop rendering of their two faces together. Believe me when I saw I was the first to notice. Regardless, I’m still impressed and you should be too.

I take offense to this:

I’d be the first in line to see a movie starring both of these actors:

Note to the countless Hollywood execs undoubtedly reading this: Please don’t do a Matrix reboot.

But honestly, does anything/one in this world look more like Adam Driver than this cat?

I rest my case.