Divorce Lawyers Reveal The Worst Ways A Person Has Screwed Over Their Ex


Obligatory not-a-divorce-lawyer, but I’ve done a bit of legal work and there’s a really obvious one: taking the children to a non-Hague convention country and telling the spouse to get stuffed. Basically the equivalent of full custody and shutting the other parent out, except you’ve got none of the guarantees of their safety, or any (substantial) chance of legal recourse in the future.

Losing your kids must be the worse man, especially when it’s not even according to law.


Wife and Husband No. 1 divorce with a child. Wife gets custody of child. Husband No. 1 pays child support. Wife marries Husband No. 2. Husband No. 2 adopts the child. Husband No. 1 no longer on the hook for child support as Husband No. 2 is now legally the father. Wife and Husband No. 2 divorce. Because of the adoption Husband No. 2 has to pay child support for the child. Wife re-marries Husband No. 1. Child now lives with Husband No. 1 (the biological father). Husband No. 2 (the adoptive father) still has to pay child support!


guy was married to a woman who fucked another guy, had that other guy’s baby, and never told the husband, then for other reasons they start divorce proceedings, a paternity test is done, the husband finds out the kid isnt his, and the courts rule that he still has to pay child support, because it is in the best interests of the kid.