Divorce Lawyers Reveal The Worst Ways A Person Has Screwed Over Their Ex


That time a guy left his ex’s car in the airport parking lot for 3 years till she racked up $105,000 in fines.


Am an attorney, but this wasn’t my case.

My ex’s brother helped his friend (he was friends with the couple, but clearly ‘chose’ the guy) hide assets and wash cash in the six months leading up to a “surprise, I’m divorcing you!” by the friend to his now ex and deceased wife.

Oh yeah – he did this because she had just been diagnosed with cancer, was not going to live, and he didn’t see why “his money” should go to “her health care” when she was going to “die in a few years” anyway.


I am a family law attorney. Equitable Distribution in general. Trying to pawn off student loan debts and argue earning potential of an unemployed stay at home mom really sucks.