Kelly Marie Tran Is Dealing With Horrifying Racist And Sexist Comments Following ‘Last Jedi’

What makes you so upset? Why can’t there be a Vietnamese female mechanic in an entire GALAXY?!  Also to whoever did this, you should probably go get a dog or something because you have too much free time to be completely unfunny. The person was blocked from Wookieepedia for life and FANDOM, the company that runs the page wants everyone to know there’s no place for that crap on their site.

“FANDOM has a zero-tolerance policy for vandalism, inclusive of racism and harassment,” the company told Newsweek. “The wiki admins take this very seriously and took the steps to resolve this situation as quickly as possible, including escalation to our team, and subsequent lockdown. This lockdown will remain for the foreseeable future and we will be closely monitoring activity on this wiki.”

Sadly, our girl Kelly Marie Tran has to deal with this racist, sexist bullshit on multiple platforms. Let me introduce you to one of the least funny human beings I’ve come across in recent memory. This Alt-Right Twitter warrior Paul Ray Ramsey decided to take a swing at a joke about Tran’s weight and race. A super sophisticated guy we’re talking about here.

Now, I’m sure he had a fair share of his followers got a chuckle out of this insanely juvenile and tasteless joke. Luckily, the rest of Twitter wasn’t buying this super lame attempt at a few likes and retweets. Good thing there were some people out there to let him know how whack his Tweet was.

“WTF is wrong with you?”