Men Confess The ‘Creepiest’ Thing A Woman Has Ever Done To Them

I guess she was hungry?

A girl licked my knee at a club

But, why?

A girl borrowed my Hoodie in 9th grade, Masturbated on it and gave it back to me. She was really a disturbing girl but didn’t find out until that happened.

Voo-doo blood:

Girl I dated made a voodoo doll out of her used tampon and my hair shavings (from my electric razor) that she said she’d use on me if we ever broke up. She buried it inside a lunchbox at the beach and drew a map to find it. She’s now a married mother of two.

Did she get a warrant for that?

Searched my apartment, phone, camera, computer, and everything else I owned the first time I left her alone in my place because she “wanted to know more about me”.

She ended up creating a version of my personality she interpreted through my things.

“Smell it”

I was at work when a customer came in. She was overweight and looked pretty slobby. Hair was a mess, wearing pajamas, a mismatched pair of shoes. She came up to me and asked how she looked because she was about to start driving for Uber and wanted to know if she looked presentable. I just said sure and tried walking away but she wouldn’t let me leave.

I don’t know how we ended up here but she started talking about how her skin can’t handle most soaps, and had to use some alternative to it (can’t remember what it was.) She shoved her arm in my face telling me to smell it, to see that it didn’t smell bad. I politely declined, but she did it again and made it clear she wasn’t moving until I smelled her arm. I finally did, said it was fine, and walked away as fast as I could.

Was definitely one of the most uncomfortable moments I’ve had with someone.