Men Confess The ‘Creepiest’ Thing A Woman Has Ever Done To Them

Get off social media, girl:

This girl who works at my mom’s work (they’re servers) always tells my mom she’s going to marry me and thinks I’m cute. It wasn’t a big deal at first. But it got out of control for a little bit there. Commenting heart eyes and inappropriate remarks on any post my mom made with me tagged in it.

She finally followed me on Instagram and liked everyone of my 700 something posts. And here comes the best(worst?) part… She starts messaging me through Instagram and I didn’t reply once but she begins having a conversation with herself with me in my inbox.

Like asking questions, and answering them for herself and replying as if I said something and saying things like I heard from your mom that you’re going through a rough time and opens up to me about her past which is a long and inappropriate thing to send to someone who hasn’t even replied. This is among many other creepy things she’s done to me. She doesn’t bother me anymore though, just the occasional like on a picture.


I was at the pub with some friends and one of them left a scarf at a now packed table. She was feeling socially awkward and asked me to get it. I thought no big deal, I’ll get it and show her there’s nothing to be worried about.

I asked a woman in her early twenties (I was 18) if she could pass me the scarf. She got up, walked over to me, wrapped it around my neck and proceeded to try choke me with it, really going for it. Her hands were shaking from the force she was putting into pulling the two ends of the scarf.

The pub was packed but everyone just stood there not exactly sure of what was happening (myself included). After what felt like ages two guys pulled her back to her table. They were looking at me worried, shaking their heads with faces that said “we have no idea”. Everyone around the table clearly knew her and were shocked by her behaviour.

I can’t help but think about how differently this would have played out if the genders were reversed. If a man did that to a woman in a crowded pub he’d get thrown out and the police would be called.

Stage 5 Clinger:

Came back to the dorm to find a girl who I didn’t know waiting for me. I had apparently served her food once at the campus food place I worked at. She figured out who I was and where I lived without even my name. Not sure how I manged to shoo her out peacefully but I did

Oh, alright then:

When I was in middle school a friend of mine was absolutely fascinated by the fact that I had pubes. Didn’t want to see my dick… just the pubes.

What the actual…

Sucked my blood from an opened scab without informing me she was about to do so. She considered herself a “vampire.”