Men Confess The ‘Creepiest’ Thing A Woman Has Ever Done To Them

Why are women dangerous with sharp objects?

Had a disagreement over buying her some new outfit dress thing. With the supposed victory going to me with we don’t have the money right now and we’ll see next paycheck compromise.

About and hour later while i was cooking dinner she came up and apologized then came in for a hug. which started nice and somewhat affectionate but ended with her pulling her arms away very quickly across my back. This was to have the two razor blades she had slice two deep slashes across my back. She ran away and locked herself in the bathroom. I called 911 and went got stitches and all the medical things (had insurance, thankfully).

Obviously the relationship ended then and there. Looking back like 15 years later, it is really strange as we were together for about 3 years and didn’t have any major fights or physical altercations before that happen. It was so trivial with some massive escalation but in the end it taught me that yes I can cut someone out of my life… figuratively. woo puns

MySpace days:

A girl I had been dating for just a couple weeks invited me to her mom’s house for dinner. Halfway through dinner I finally noticed that they had printed out pictures of me from myspace (this was back when myspace was normal), put them in frames, and randomly interspersed them with other family pictures throughout the house. They were laughing hysterically at my reaction. I told them – very plainly and very seriously – that IF it was a joke, it was hilarious. But if it wasn’t…

They never actually answered whether it was a joke or not. We didn’t date much longer than that

Oh, yeah sure, that’s normal:

Just started dating, showed her a pic of my son, she then asked what I was going to do with him once we had kids.

That’s awful:

Faked her own death. Faked a terminal illness. Faked a miscarriage. Faked a suicide. Stole over 5 grand from me. Gave me a vd, made it my fault. The list goes on. It’s my fault for believing any of it. But she hunted me down like easy prey when I was easy prey. I hope you really are dead Andria. Fuck you.

That’s rape…

I was super drunk passed out on my friends couch. His friend was there also. I woke up to find her straddling me and pouring whiskey down my throat (it was super not needed i was destroyed). Apparently she had sex with me that night. Cant say i consented as i wasnt conscious.