Workers Are Sharing Their Worst Experience With Clients And They’ll Make You Actually Appreciate Your Job

In life, many of us work a job or two that we absolutely cannot stand. Sometimes, we sit at our desks (or wherever we work) and contemplate burning down our office, cursing out our condescending boss, and telling our clients/customers where to stick it. But, we don’t actually do any of those things because, at the end of the day, we all have bills to pay. If you’re feeling like it’s “one of those days” where you feel as though the walls are closing in on you and it’s just not worth it to make the horrible salary you’re bringing home, have no fear, it could always be worse.

Sometimes, we take for granted how lucky we really are with our jobs until we see some examples from other people of nightmare situations and horrible clients. No one wants to deal with drama and insanity, but some people in this world just thrive on it. Clients From Hell is a brilliant website that accepts anonymous submissions about your very worst clients and customers. Their founders, admins, and submitters all are completely anonymous, so no one is truly getting harmed. But, it’s the best passive-aggressive way to vent your frustrations about awful, no good, rude, and disrespectful clients you deal with on a daily basis. Thanks to BoredPanda, we were able to round up some of our absolute favorite stories.






Image credit: Clients from Hell/BoredPanda.