OMG, This Is What Pop Stars Looked Like In 2007 vs. 2017

10 years is a pretty long time when you think about it. How we looked a decade ago is definitely not how we look today. There are tons of changes we undergo when it comes to appearance. As well, our style changes along with societies’ style changes. Trust me, you’re not rocking the same outfit you were in 2007, and if you are, check yo’self. While we can all look back at our teenage photos from 2007 and see a giant amount of changes, celebs also look a bit different over the span of 10 years. No matter how much money you have, you still age, sis.

Taylor Swift 2007:

Taylor Swift 2017:

Rihanna 2007:

Rihanna 2017:

Beyoncé 2007:

Beyoncé 2017:

Selena Gomez 2007:

Selena Gomez 2017:

Demi Lovato 2007:

Demi Lovato 2017: