22 Amazing Memes That Defined 2017

4. Right In Front Of My Salad?

Right in front of my salad is a pretty controversial meme that everyone found out about after it went viral on Twitter. The origin of the meme is pretty X-rated, as it’s from a gay pornography. The woman in the video is eating a salad when she realizes her two gay friends are having sex right in front of her. Her response: Are you serious? Right in front of my salad? The meme went viral online, as it fits pretty well in any situation, but a lot of people had no idea where it came from. Brilliant.

5. Nothing But Respect For My President:

One Twitter, @makenna_mg, decided to stop and clean off Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and post it online, saying “Nothing but respect for MY President.” It immediately became a Twitter sh*t storm as people began finding better and more fitting people to be “their President.”

6. White Guy Blinking:

This meme may have gone viral this year, but the original video is from 2013 featuring Drew Scanlon blinking in disbelief at a co-gamer in a clip about video games. But, in February, the GIF went pretty viral and easily became everyone’s reaction meme/GIF.