Pregnant Kylie Jenner Has Become The Latest Thirst Meme We Can’t Get Enough Of

If you’re an active Internet user, you’d know that for nine months straight the entire world was busy living their lives and simultaneously wondering if Kylie Jenner was pregnant. No matter what they did, where they did it, or who they were, in the back of their minds they had a subconscious desire to finally know the truth behind the madness. Thank God for Super Bowl Sunday, not because the Patriots lost, but because Kylie Jenner finally revealed to the world that yes–she had been in hiding for nine months and decided to leave social media and the damn world because she was pregnant with her daughter, Stormi Webster.


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Along with a long-winded apology to her fans, Kylie released a video that showed her “pregnancy journey” and all of the steps along the way until the day she finally gave birth on February 1st. The video, which can be found on YouTube and clips on her Instagram page, shows the 20-year-old with her baby bump, and, through various stages of her pregnancy.

After fans were obsessing over the video and her baby for weeks, they’ve decided to honor pregnant Kylie in a brand new way–by turning her and her giant belly into their latest favorite meme. Pregnant Kylie Jenner is the latest meme to sweep social media and to be honest, it’s quite hilarious. The specific clip of Kylie that has been turned into a meme is where she’s taking a video of herself at 34-weeks pregnant, rubbing her baby bump. Of course, this can be transformed into anything.

Some fans even photoshopped the image and clip to take it to an entirely new meme level.