50+ Hilarious Christmas Decoration Fails You Won’t Be Able To Unsee

Have you ever had a good idea and in your head it’s flawless, and you’re super excited about it? You might even have your one buddy be like “yeah, dude that totally is genius.” You get all worked up and end up putting your idea to fruition, and it ends up being awful, basically like nothing you had imagined. There are other times that subtle, maybe even a bit dirty details get slipped into specific designs. Like a Christmas ornament shaped like well… you know what I’m saying. Since the Christmas season is coming up, I figured why not focus on that? Here’s a list of a ton of Christmas decorations where somebody, somehow didn’t notice some of these details may have been a bit more naughty than nice. Just giving you fair warning, you may never be able to look at Santa the same again.

1. These poorly designed angels.

2. Don’t do it Santa! Think about Mrs. Claus.

3. I guess Santa doesn’t teach math to elves.

4. That’s assault, brotha!

5. Somebody is definitely fired.