There’s A New Engagement Phone Case That Live Streams Your Proposal And People Are Not About It

With social media being everyone’s main priority these days, it seems as though personal moments are no longer “personal.” Everyone feels the need to update their accounts as soon as something happens to us that’s “important.” Job promotion? Post it on LinkedIn. Good hair day? Selfies on Snapchat. New boyfriend? Update that Facebook relationship status. A family member died? Post a tribute pic-stitch on Instagram. No matter what happens to us – good or bad – we feel the need to tell everyone. It almost ruins everything about the actual moments in life because we can’t truly enjoy them. Instead, we’re too concerned with how to share it with everyone else rather than living in the now. That’s why people were pretty pissed off when they saw a phone case company that was made for marriage proposals.

RokShok is a company that created an engagement ring phone case that not only holds the engagement ring for you but also captures the moment on camera via photo and video – and allows users to post both in real-time. So basically, instead of looking into the eyes of someone you love and want to spend your life with forever, you can look into a piece of technology and share your personal business right when it happens. Cool.

Not only do you get the reaction of your significant other, but the ring is all up in the camera, in case you want to show off all the money you just threw away.

No offense to the company who created this or, the actors in the promotional video, but – what has happened to us? Is it so hard to keep something sacred? Sure, I understand letting people know you and your significant other got engaged, but shouldn’t the proposal be something that’s personal and sentimental, rather than exposed for the entire world to see? I don’t know about y’all, but I’d rather my proposal be special and something just for my fiancé and myself.

It seems as though the people of the Internet happen to agree with me, because after seeing this phone case, they were not having it.

At least I can be a bit proud that people online aren’t going for this 100% and instead find it mildly revolting. Gives me just a bit of hope in this horrible world.