What Is Mercury Retrograde And How You Can Prepare For Its Painful Effects

Has everything been going wrong in your life lately? Does it seem like all the planets are not aligned up there in space and things are rotating faster than they should be? Do you feel really off, moody and a bit dysfunctional? These are all signs of Mercury RetrogradeMercury Retrograde is has become the scapegoat for when everything goes wrong in life. It occurs when mercury rotates around the sun at a higher than normal rate of speed, making it seem like it’s rotating backward. So, when this does occur, we blame it for the reason everything is going terribly wrong. According to astrologer Tali Edut:

“According to astrological lore, all areas of life that are associated with Mercury go ‘backwards’ during a retrograde. Mercury is the messenger planet, so it rules communication, mobile devices, transportation, email, snail mail, and all things data. Networks go down mysteriously and messages get stuck in the either. Minor grievances can escalate into major blowups if we don’t choose our words wisely,”

So basically, anything having to do with the “social” aspect of our lives are going in the opposite direction. As if we weren’t bad enough at relationships and communication – am I right? Mercury Retrograde began December 3rd and is set to go until the 22nd. So basically until the 22nd of the month, you should just plan on everything going terribly wrong. Remember, Mercury Retrograde is to blame. There are ways to prepare for what could be the detrimental effects of Mercury Retrograde.

1. Meditate every morning.

Meditation is a great way to start your day because it brings you to peace with the Earth and all natural beings. When you start your day with mediation you are only allowing positivity into your day and protecting yourself from what could be a negative impact from mercury retrograde.

2. Wear crystals around your neck that are said to bring positivity.

Citrine is a crystal that represents living in the moment and quartz attracts positivity as well as helps in clearing the mind. Wearing these around your neck will not only protect you but help you start each day blocking out the negative aspects of Mercury Retrograde.

3. Back up all of your electronics.

Just in case all else fails and all of your electronics go up in flames; it is highly recommended to back these up just in case something goes wrong. You have to prepare for the worst, am I right?