Kim Kardashian Teased The 2017 Family Christmas Card And Fans Have A Wild Theory About Its Release

Kim Kardashian has decided to tease 25 photos as a “countdown to Christmas” on her Twitter page. The pictures she has shared so far showcase that the Kardashian/Jenner/West/Disick family (there’s a big bunch this time around) have decided to go with more of a basic and natural look for their holiday card, instead of elaborate ballgowns like in the past.

The first photo featured Kim’s son, Saint, in a simple pair of blue jeans and some wrapped gifts.

The second photo featured Kim’s daughter, North, looking up at what appears to be her mother (spot that blonde hair) wearing a white tank-top and plain blue jeans. Next to her appears to be her sister, Kourtney (long brown hair), who also is sporting a plain white shirt and jeans. By the looks of it, this theme is going to be denim and white shirts – which, is pretty simple.

The third day was adorable baby Reign, Kourtney’s youngest son, shirtless with his long, blonde locks flowing freely.

And, on the fourth day, Kim shared a candid of herself with her daughter, North, as the two are dressed in denim and barefoot on set.

So far, this card is shaping up to be the most natural and adorable one yet. Fans are definitely excited to see what else is in store. And, some have some theories – like, that the Kardashians/Jenners are waiting to drop their Christmas card to reveal some pregnancy news.