Emma Stone Dyed Her Hair Platinum Blonde And She’s Giving Us Major ‘Mother Of Dragon’ Vibes

Emma Stone, the Oscar-winning actress, has been known to switch up her look for numerous films and roles she’s landed. While her vibrant red locks have been her “signature” as of lately, she’s actually a natural blonde. However, many don’t know this, as she’s been several hair color changes over the years.

Recently, Stone was cast by Netflix for their new series, “Maniac.” The show stars Emma Stone alongside Jonah Hill and is a bit of “noirish comedy.” The show is based on both characters in a psychiatric ward and their image of a “new life.” For the show, Stone debuted her new, blonde locks and seriously – I had to take a second look thinking it was Emilia Clarke.

Everyone is making connections between Stone and numerous movie/TV show characters.

Even, Orlando Bloom himself. Instead of giving him Game of Thrones vibes, Bloom compared Stone to his character in Lord of the Rings. And, it’s pretty spot on.

While the Vikings look is definitely different, I am feeling Stone as a blonde.

What do you think?