Parents Are Pissed About This Children’s Book That Doubles As A Wild Sex Guide

One of the many obstacles of parenting is explaining where babies come from. Not sure what was wrong with the old school method, but this pretty graphic book is bizarre. Back in my day, parents just lied to us and said some magical bird dropped us off or something. Then, you go to school and get crappy sex ed and figure it out. It’s not rocket science, but, this book may be a bit too far. While a mother in the U.K. was waiting at the doctor she says her son stumbled across “Mummy Laid an Egg.” She refers to the book as a “child-friendly Kama Sutra guide.”

“Adem picked up this innocent enough looking book Mummy Laid an Egg…

Although the book started out like any old children’s book Karen Peck was shocked when she got to page 6. The book began to explain reproduction pretty well if we’re being perfectly honest. Maybe not the best place to put the info in a book for children but hey, shooters shoot.

Off the bat, super creepy cover. The dad and mom look like total creeps. Look at that cat. That is a cat who has seen some things, my friends. The dog doesn’t look to be any less traumatized and don’t get me started on the crooked picture frames. You animals. Either way seems pretty child-friendly, right? Ehhh maybe not so much.

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Wait guys, it gets weirder.