All The Drama From Last Night’s AMAs, In Tweet Form

If you missed out on the American Music Awards Sunday night because WHO CARES and you don’t have cable anyway, fear not! I’ve scoured Twitter from beginning to end to bring you the hottest and juiciest tweets. No need to devote hours of brainpower to information that can be summed up in 140 (sorry, 280) characters or less. You’re welcome!

On Selena

Selena Gomez’s horror-film inspired performance was met with mixed reviews, although the most controversial one accused her of lip syncing her new track “Wolves.” Selena fans quickly jumped to her defense, pointing out that maybe we should all cut her some slack considering her recent kidney transplant.

On Christina Aguilera:

XTina performed a tribute to the legendary Whitney Houston and reactions were generally mixed. Let’s face it: It’s a lot to live up to, and maybe whoever is in charge of the AMAs should’ve probably definitely let a WOC perform (SOLAGE WYA?). But all that aside, it was really just one person’s reaction — Pink — that was scrutinized and over-scrutinized.

Cher and Mark Cuban liked it. Unlikely allies. 

Pink, on her face during Christina Aguilera’s performance:

Pink immediately hit back at the ‘Negative Nancy’s’ who really tried it by crying shade where there was none. Then Mark Sundstrom, a producer at Fuse TV (according to his Twitter bio) reiterated that the the beef between the two pop stars was squashed, which Pink retweeted and underlined.