Justin Bieber Hinted On Instagram That He And Selena Gomez Are Officially An Item

Damnnnn Selena

Yes, Justin Bieber showed the new blondie some love on the gram. Now, it’s a pretty big deal for any millennial who knows that when you creep on Instagram, you don’t want to “double tap” so that anyone knows you are creeping. Bieber doesn’t follow Gomez on Instagram, but, he clearly was looking through fan pages about the singer – seeing as he accidentally liked a photo of her posted by a fan page, not Gomez’s personal page.

Seems a bit suspicious if you ask me. Clearly, Bieber was searching hashtags of Gomez during the AMA’s to get a better look at her. And, that means he’s most definitely feeling the love. We would all think that after the couple were spotted kissing the other day, Justin would at least let this double tap confirm their relationship. He knows that the entire world is watching his every move now that he’s gone pretty public with Gomez, maybe he’s letting them all know that she’s his again. But – he actually unliked the post shortly after liking it (oops). So, maybe he doesn’t want everyone to know they’re an item again. It would make a lot of sense, seeing as fans are already unhappy that the two are hanging out again. Bieber got his heart broken pretty bad after their last breakup, no one wants to see their beloved Bieber hurt again.

It’s officially getting confusing out here for Jelena fans – I guess we’ll have to keep on watching those “likes.”