This Da Vinci Painting Just Sold For $450 Million And People Are Really, Really Angry

The things I could do with $450 million – I mean the list is ridiculous. Seriously, just imagine the student loans and credit card debts balances drop to zero, the amount of McDonald’s french fries I could buy, the shoe collection I could have. The world would be so much more tolerable, but I guess we weren’t all blessed to just have a few million lying around as spare change. Some people, however, are blessed enough to have this amount of money to spend on things like on a painting. Yes, on one painting.

May I introduce you to the most expensive painting sold to date – The Salvator Mundi. Also known as the last painting ever made by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Only a few Da Vinci paintings remain intact to this day from the Renaissance Era and they are considered to be some of the most famous in the world. The Salvator Mundi also was known as “Savior of the World,” and just recently sold at Christie’s Auction House in New York City for a grand total of $450 million during a bidding that started at $100 million. This makes it the most expensive painting ever sold.

Mundi was actually discovered back in 2005 in Louisiana after being practically dubbed in hiding. Robert Simon, a New York art collector thinking that it was just a copy, purchased it for only $10 thousand and immediately submitted it through a whole restoration process that lasted about six years to only come to the conclusion that it was not a copy as originally thought – but a genuine true painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. Sounds like he was blessed with good luck because he just made a boatload of money off this sale.

While it’s fascinating and interesting that the painting has a story behind it and it is the latest painting Da Vinci had ever created, people on Twitter were pretty butthurt that someone could afford to spend this on just one painting.