34 Incorrect ‘Game of Thrones’ Quotes That Are Hilariously Better Than The Original Dialogue

Game of Thrones is arguably one of the greatest TV shows of all time – quote me on that. Years after the show ends, people will talk about how HBO came out with one of the most life-changing and incredible show of its time (much like the way The Wire and The Sopranos are discussed today). Personally, I think that one of the major reasons the show has taken off in the way it has is because of social media. Having social media allows fans to engage in heated, interesting and theoretical conversation in real time (or soon after) with episodes and seasons. This brings an entirely new revolution to the way in which we watch TV. And, with social media not only comes theories and fanbases but, also, really great products having to do with the TV show – like memes and hilarious jokes. One Instagram account, @IncorrectGoTQuotes, has become incredibly popular because it’s actually f*cking hilarious. Fans take screenshots of specific scenes in the show and insert “incorrect quotes” in the place of the actual dialogue and – it deserves its own award. Here are our favorites.


• ✍?✍?✍? *three weeks later* ✍?✍?✍? • source: 2 broke girls

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oh honey, good thing you’re pretty • source: parks and recreation (2009-2015)

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that’s the best thing? • source: grace and frankie (2015-)

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i miss aidan gillen already (but fuck you petyr baelish)

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