34 Incorrect ‘Game of Thrones’ Quotes That Are Hilariously Better Than The Original Dialogue


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No.1 Targaryen Protector • source: parks and recreation (2009-2015)

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I searched ‘anti-daenerys’ for the first time on tumblr just to get some laughs, but what I found was so much worse. I’ve never seen such hatred towards a character before (not even in a room full of insecure men) packed up in one place, not towards Cersei, not Ramsey, not even Joffrey. Seeing people writing essays about how mad or terrible she is, it’s just sad. I mean, how bad your life can be to just name you account ‘anti-daenerys’. Can’t people just enjoy things and be positive and not compare this extraordinary creature to Hitler? I tried to understand what’s their motive, but I really don’t think there is one. I will never go back there cause it’s dark and full of terrors and most important, bad for my mental health. + I don’t like many characters on GoT, but you don’t see me taking hours to write about how horrible they are and if they survive in the end it’s bullshit and bad writing.

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