Khal Drogo Came Back To Party With The ‘GoT’ Cast And Blew Up Instagram

Jason Momoa (AKA Khal Drogo, AKA real-life Maui from Moana) has an irresistible allure. He’s large, he’s sexy, he’s married to queen Lisa Bonet. Oh, and his social media is charming and delightful in a sort of insane way, like his captions are hella long and so perpetually happy and optimistic it’s like, are you even real, dude? He is. His genuineness is part of the whole ‘irresistible’ thing.

Anyway, a few days ago he posted this cheeky little snap with the moon of his life, Daenerys Targaryen, alias Emilia Clarke. I always love when actors in pretend-relationships have real life loving relationships too, don’t you? “Bubbles of giggles” are you kiddin’ me, it’s adorable.

So when Jason was in London promoting the new Justice League film, he hit up the moon of his life.

Which our boy commented on because it REALLY IS TRUE LOVE, not like that, because Lisa Bonet, but if it weren’t for Lisa Bonet…I’m just saying. It would be shippable AF.

Momoa also posted this picture, which features Gal Gadot and which I am featuring here because I love it so much. Again, take note of the insane caption. ‘Khaleesi’ isn’t even spelled right! I love it so much.

Then yesterday, Momoa met up with a bunch of other Game of Thrones cast and crew members in Belfast, where they happened to be filming. Note his splendid top hat.

Imaging sitting in a cozy Irish pub sipping some Scotch (?) with Jon Snow, Ser Davos, and Khal Drogo? Dreamy.

Momoa also took a shot with Rory McCann, alias The Hound.

But the only meeting that really and truly matters is the one between Khal Drogo and  Tormund Giantsbane! (Alias Kristofer Hivju). The two had never met since Khal Drogo’s character got rudely killed off in the first season, but of course they’d be best friends

They’re giant epic warriors from opposite ends of the world. More importantly, does this mean Tormund didn’t die when the Wall collapsed?

Momoa even called Hivju “a fucking legend” in his caption. If only the Khal was around to help defend the wall…Ok, Here’s an adorable shot of Momoa with his kids, bye.