A Dude Gets The Very Best Last Word When His Cheating Fiancée Begs For Forgiveness Via Text

What constitutes appropriate revenge for cheating is very subjective. Sometimes it involves paying for a public billboard announcing the indiscretion, and sometimes it involves actually making money by selling your lover’s things. The conversation below shows a very petty revenge, but it is oh-so satisfying. After finding his ex-fiancée having sex with another man in their apartment, Imgur user Aronaf very wisely gave her the boot. She persists in trying to get back with him, alternating from wheedling apologies to threats to unmitigated rage. But he has the real last word:


Nothing shows you’re completely divorced from the meaning of what someone is saying like correcting their grammar. Ding ding ding, you are not on his level, girl. It’s over.

via someecards