These 15 Harry Potter Kitchen Products Will Have You Cooking Up Magic In No Time

It’s a few years past my 11th birthday and I’m still being patient, but it seems like my Hogwarts letter must have gotten lost in the mail. When I was younger, I never even thought about using the kitchen. I imagined a flick of the wrist and dishes would be gone for good. A big meal to cook? Boom, no effort at all. This is all how my adult life would go in my little head. Fast forward a few years and I’m sadly still using a dishwasher. So not receiving my formal training in witchcraft and wizardry might be hurting me a bit. Luckily, I can fake it with all this amazing Harry Potter themed kitchen supplies. Every time you walk into your kitchen you’ll feel like you’re staggering into The Three Broomsticks. So, pull up a chair and crack open a butterbeer and enjoy a few items every Harry Potter addict needs.

1. House Apron:

What better to show your allegiance better than repping your favorite house while whipping up some snacks in the kitchen. Whether it’s Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or even Slytherin. No matter what type of witch or wizard you are Williams-Sonoma has got you covered. The aprons can be customized with your name, and even come in children sizes. Going to run straight to Gringotts and empty my vault.

2. Matching Spatula:

Okay, okay, I know this isn’t a wand but you can still create a little magic with the help of some wrist work, and these bad boys. What better to go with you’re new house apron then a matching house spatula? Exactly, nothing. The answer is nothing. Williams-sonoma has got you, yet again.

3. Accio Wine & Solemnly Swear Glasses:

I mean come on, these glasses speak to me on a spiritual level. I can’t imagine anything better to have with me as I wrap myself up in a blanket and dive deep into Harry Potter weekend. Thanks to mazon, I’ll be doing it in style. Accio wine! Accio all the wine!

4. Espresso Patronum Mug:

Well, this one is just and old fashion no-brainer. Do you like coffee? Yes. Do you like Harry Potter? Don’t ask stupid questions. What else could you ask for in a mug? It may so more amount me but this cheesy mug actually made me laugh. Keep it up, Amazon.

Espresso Patronum Harry Potter Funny Cartoon Mug Cup Two Sides 11 Oz Ceramics

5. Perfect For A Magical Couple:

These are just awesome. They’re simple but definitely getting the point across that you’re a huge Harry Potter nerd and the Mr. and Mrs. coasters are great for any wizard and witch couple, without being too over the top.

6. Marauder’s Map Cutting Board:

I solemnly swear I am about to chef up one unbelievable meal, with this bad boy. It is completely personalized, which is awesome. It also makes this an awesome gift for any other muggles you may know trying to get a touch of the magic world.

7. House Cookie Stamps:

A simple little something every Potter fan should have at their disposal. Especially with the cold weather and more Harry Potter marathon’s on their way. How much fun would it be to bake your favorite cookie to match your new apron and spatula?  You can pick any of the 4 houses and for you undecided magical student’s Hogwarts crest also comes in the pack.
Harry Potter Cookie Stamps ● Set of 5 ● Official License by Cinereplicas

8. Harry Potter Cook Book:

Need I say more? Don’t act like you haven’t read about some of the wizarding world’s food and had that mouth start to water. Now, you can bring your favorite books delicious food to life. Call all your wizard and witch friends over and have a feast like you’re back in the great hall after a long summer.

9. Cauldron Soup Bowl:

Want to feel like you’re in Professor Snape’s potion class? Look no further than this cauldron soup bowl. No Harry Potter’s fan kitchen is complete without it. Look at this thing! Why stop at soup? cereal? salad? possibilities are endless. God, I love magic.

10. Quidditch Couples Koozies:

Another awesome idea for any Hogwarts obsessed couples. Make your friends more jealous than Ron when Viktor Krum came to Hogwarts and put Hermoine in his sights. Just a cute little gift for any Potter fan couples.

11. Hedwig Salt And Pepper Shakers:

Yes, yes, one-thousand times yes! Love Hedwig! Can’t imagine a better dispenser for some salt and pepper. A beautiful, majestic, magical, white owl. There’s also just a brown owl for the pepper but either way, give me Hedwig!