These 15 Harry Potter Kitchen Products Will Have You Cooking Up Magic In No Time

12. Heat Revealing Marauders Map Mug

This is pretty cool, it gives the same effect as the marauders map well, without the magic. The mug is heat activated and goes from a solid black mug to revealing the marauder’s map when hot coffee is added. I could use a little magic with my coffee every morning!

13. House Glasses:

These awesome glasses can go with your apron and spatula also, These really cool looking 10 oz glasses have the four different house crests on them. Instead of names on cups you can just assign a cup accordingly, how you like me now, sorting hat.

14. Harry Potter Coffee Tumbler:

Need your coffee on the run? Still want to flex on all those muggles during your commute? Good, This super cool Harry themed coffee tumbler will help you do just that. With his signature glasses and scar you’ll be letting everyone know how much you love Harry.

15. Light-up TriWizard Trophy Goblet:

What Harry Potter fan didn’t want to raise the TriWizard cup themselves? Sure, it was pretty dangerous (R.I.P. Cedric) but it no doubt was one of the coolest parts of the books and movies. What die hard Potter fan wouldn’t use such an awesome goblet.  Make everyone jealous when you flip that switch and have your cup more lit than the Yule Ball.