Fans Are Freaking Out Over Khloé Kardashian’s ‘Baby Bump’ In Latest Snapchat Video

It’s been a solid mystery as to whether or not Khloé Kardashian is actually pregnant. It has been speculated that the reality TV star is indeed pregnant, but Khloé and her boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, have not confirmed any of the news just yet. However, fans and numerous sources are still referring to Khloé as an expecting mother. It’s pretty obvious that the Kardashian sister won’t reveal the truth without some form of the announcement on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as this is usually the way all of her sisters announce their pregnancies. But, still, fans are dying to know the truth and – they think they’ve finally found it.

Khloé’s been pretty careful when posting any photos or selfies to her social media profile accounts to avoid showing any form of “body shot.” Instead, she’s posted close-ups and throwback photos such as this one, from a previous vacation she’d taken with her boyfriend.

❤️ My Love ❤️

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And, this portrait that crops out her stomach and shows her wearing a baggy hoodie.


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But, over Halloween weekend, she and boyfriend Tristan dressed up as they always have and looked absolutely adorable. On her Snapchat, Khloé dropped some subtle hints that she indeed is with child.