People Are Outraged At Kim Kardashian After She Dressed As Late Singer Aaliyah For Halloween

If I’m going to be honest – which I am – I don’t think it’s completely inappropriate for Kim to sport this costume of a singer she admires and appreciates. People are offended because Aaliyah is a black woman and Kim is appropriating culture by dressing up as a black woman – yet, there are hundreds of black girls who dress up as singers such as Britney Spears every Halloween – does that mean they’re appropriating white culture? I know I’ll get #dragged for saying this specifically because people will say I’m channeling my “white privilege,” but, if Kim Kardashian wore no black face and did not necessarily “appropriate” any cultural norms that many people usually get angry about – is she really in the wrong? If we’re going to jump down someone’s throat everytime they show love for someone else’s culture, we’re still living in the stone ages and not 2017.