J.K. Rowling Shuts Down Donald Trump’s Twitter Rant In Just 1 Perfect Tweet

Following Donald Trump on Twitter is fun because everything seems to be an exercise in “the lady doth protest too much.” Any criticism by the Dems or the media or professional athletes or grieving war widows (etc. etc.) is met with such a severe Twitter barrage that it begs the question…why you so mad, bro?

Anyway, last Sunday POTUS was SO MAD his wrath warranted a full four tweets to manifest itself. Tweets about Clinton’s emails (DUDE SHE LOST GET OVER IT) and his relationship with Russia and something about guilt and anger and unity…

Could his fury have anything to do with the surrender of his former campaign officials to the FBI on charges which include “conspiracy against the United States”? Time will surely tell. In the meantime, J.K. Rowling was able to shut down POTUS with a one-tweet response to his four (being a good writer means being succinct!). It’s a miracle he hasn’t blocked her yet.

Ah yes. Calm confidence. Something our president is well-versed in.

h/t Mashable