17 Strong Woman Anthems That Literally Scream ‘Female Empowerment’

11. Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

When I graduated college and didn’t have a job lined up, I freaked out. But I was actually at an advantage. I had a blank page set up for me that I was going to write, and not fill it with a story like everyone else had.

12. Fight Song – Rachel Platten

Whether it’s physical or mental illness, abusive relationships, or just some utterly awful situation life throws at you, you need to FIGHT. TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE. Don’t drown in your depression like I did. Oops.

13. Love Yourz – J.Cole

Okay, this song differs from the rest on the list. For starters, it’s sung by a dude. But the message is so strong, and reminds us to stop comparing ourselves and our lives to others, and just “love yourz,” ja feel? It’s a humbling song that always helps me put things in perspective.

14. Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

This is my cry-in-the-shower song. I remember how easy of a target I used to be, and how I allowed other’s words to determine my worth. NOPE, NOT TODAY HATERS. Beautiful always reminds me that no ones hateful words, can tear me down.

15. Run the World – Beyonce

Idc if Donald Trump is President. Females are the real reason this planet continues to rotate on its axis. Men may claim they’re great and sh*t, but let’s be honest — they wouldn’t be here without us.

16. Rainbow – Kesha

This song inspires me. After years of struggling, Kesha has fallen in love with her self and life again. She found a rainbow, and it keeps listeners in dark places optimistic that they will find a rainbow and see in color again.

17. I Don’t Wanna Be – Gavin DeGraw

Oops. I let another XY chromosome onto the list. At the end of the day, if YOU like who YOU are, then don’t change for someone else. You control your life.